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  • How can I book with one of Sacred Grounds artists?
    Our artists handle their own booking and each have a preferred method of contact which can be found by going to their Instagram page. They are linked under their bio on this website and in the shop Instagram bio. Some artists prefer to be emailed, some prefer text, and some prefer a walk-in consultation. You are welcome to call us with any additional questions at 850-470-0454.
  • How do I care for my new tattoo?
    1. Keep your new tattoo clean and moisturized. 2. Use unscented antibacterial handsoap and clean fingertips to wash a fresh tattoo; Avoid using sponges or loofas. 3. Do not pick at/scratch the tattoo, nor the bandaging over the tattoo. A light slap on the surface with a clean hand can help. 4. Keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight for the healing time. Additionally, using sunscreen over your healed tattoos will lengthen the life of your tattoo exponentially. 5. Use an unscented hand lotion as needed to help your skin recover from the healing process. 6. Do not submerge your new tattoo in water. Be sure to avoid the ocean as well as Jacuzzis and pools until your tattoo is fully healed. Most of our artists use Recovery Aftercare, which is a type of Derm-Shield designed to give your skin several days of trauma-free healing. You may leave the clear bandage on up to 72 hours or as directed by your artist. It is normal for the bandage to fill with plasma and blood, especially in more saturated tattoos. If the bandage leaks, be sure to gently remove the bandage, clean your tattoo, and reapply a second Derm-Shield bandage, which can be left on for the additional days. Never leave your tattoo bandaged for longer than 4 days. After the three days, remove the bandage by gently lifting, and stretching the bandage away from your skin. Do not try to yank the bandage off quickly, as it is elastic, and may damage your skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to remove the bandage slowly in the shower with warm water, and soap. If your artist did not provide you with a Derm-Shield bandage, or if you have had adverse reactions to the bandage material in the past, please follow the standard healing directions above. If you have any questions about healing your new tattoo, feel free to reach out to your artist, or the shop.
  • Which building is the shop located?
    We have recently moved locations as of December 2023. Clients can now find us at 730 Bayfront Pkwy. We are located in Suite 3B. We are on the second floor of the first tan building, next to the lime green one. The outside door reads "Suite 3" above it. Upon entering you will go up the stairs to Suite 3B. If you have any trouble finding us or if the outside door is locked please call the shop at 850-470-0454 and someone will come downstairs to let you inside!
  • Where do I park?
    Clients may park in either the front parking lot(the entrance is off Chase Blvd, right before you turn onto Bayfront Pkwy) or clients may park in the back parking lot behind another Broken Egg. The entrance for this parking lot can be found off 13th street.
  • Do we take walk-ins?
    Yes! We do take walk-ins for both tattoos and piercings. Our piercer does Walk-Ins only on Wednesdays. Walk-ins are done on a first come first serve basis, meaning that if you are in the door and waiting, you take precedence over anyone who has called and asked about getting tattooed or pierced. Our artists take walk-ins whenever there is time available, which varies from day to day. There is never a guarantee that we can tattoo anyone that walks in, and we do try to keep walk-ins smaller(about the size of a baseball), so no walk-in sleeves. The best way to stay up to date on our artists having time for walk-ins on any given day is to follow our Instagram page linked below.
  • What are the shops hours?
    The shop is open 12PM to 8PM Tuesday through Saturday. However, our artists will sometimes book appointments for times or days outside of that set schedule, so don't worry if you have an appointment for something that doesn't match our posted hours. Our piercing hours are Monday through Friday from 10AM to 5PM.
  • What is the shop minimum?
    Our shop minimum is $100 per tattoo.
  • Are children allowed in the shop?
    Due to the nature of the work that we are doing, we prefer to not have children in the shop, unless they are here for an appointment with our piercer, Ed. If there is a specific situation in which you have to bring your child to an appointment with you, please contact your artist beforehand and let them know.
  • Do we tattoo minors?
    No, we do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, regardless of parents' consent.
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